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Muzlink's mission is to bring together music makers and music lovers on the Internet across the globe. Muzlink's process for providing this service is the aggregation of the global music community onto one integrated website. We will proceed in an organic manner, one verifiable link at a time. We will never pour tons of useless junk information into a shell website in order to impress you. muzlink.com is an Organic Music Community Aggregator. muzlink.com access and use is free to music makers and music lovers, and always will be.

All of the content of muzlink.com will be gathered in an ethical and thorough manner over an extended time; in other words, it will be organic and not mechanical. It will come from the music makers themselves and not from some third party or outside source and their interpretation of the music makers. Music makers will be in control of their content and the way they want to connect with music lovers. We will assist music lovers who want to become music makers by showing them a simple process that they can follow to accomplish that goal. Following the organic ethic, all of the content presented by muzlink.com will be real, verifiable and useful to the music community.

Because it will aggregate its content over a lengthy time span, muzlink.com will continue to be a place that music lovers can return to time and again to discover more of the world of music. We encourage you to use muzlink.com every day.

Muzlink began when its founders, Brad Parker and Wayne Williams, wanted to developed a new approach to online music search. They started Muzlink at the kitchen table of the home of Wayne's parents. Learning that Brad was a recording artist with his own independent record label, Wayne asked him, "How and where do you sell your music?" Brad replied "I sell it online." Then Wayne said, "Well, I'm having a great deal of trouble finding or discovering the music I want online. There is either too much information I can't use, or its inaccurate or over-hyped and it prevents me from finding the music I'm interested in." Brad replied, "Huh... as an artist, I'm having trouble letting people know where my product is and how to buy it!" This simple conversation about the problems for music makers and music lovers in the modern Internet world gave birth to Muzlink.

The Muzlink creed is; help all music makers reach out to all music lovers, in a local to global service, without the limitations of massive search engines that return too many results or the domination by the old music industry paradigm, which limited the number of music makers available to music lovers. Further, the concept we came up with is quickly spreading to both music makers and music lovers around the globe.

Muzlink's goal is to become, over time, the most widely recognized source for direct links to music artists and acts. Muzlink's concept of a music search engine is; an easy-to-use free service to both music makers and music lovers that returns relevant music-only results in just a few clicks.

When you visit muzlink.com, or one of the other future Muzlink services, you'll be able to find information specifically relating to only music and the world of music both past and present. We will also provide ways to access all of this music information via portable cell phone web access. We will offer you, the 'muzer', not only specific searches for Artist, Style of Music and Locale but biographies created by the music makers, and links to their music, their websites and the vibrant community of music worldwide. Muzlink is an organic environment supported by the community of music makers and the lovers of all styles of music.

As a business, Muzlink generates revenue by providing advertisers with the opportunity to deliver measurable, cost-effective online advertising that is relevant to the information displayed on any given page. This makes the advertising useful to you as well as to the advertiser placing it. We believe you should know when someone has paid to put a message in front of you, so we always distinguish ads from the search results or other content on a page.

Currently, our advertisers come from the Google AdWords program to promote their products and services on the web with targeted advertising.

We also sell simple and to the point display advertisements that allow the user to continue to enjoy their experience and also support Muzlink with revenue to keep the site free to music makers and music lovers.

What's a Muzlink?

"Muzlink" is a construct of the words 'Music' and 'Link'. Wayne & Brad coined the term while looking for a way to best define the concept of the music aggregator engine that would become muzlink.com and the musical community that would develop organically around it over time. Muzlink's play on the term reflects the company's dedication to connect the world of music makers and the lovers of music in a direct and experiential manner on the web.

We encourage you to be serious, have fun, let your freak flags fly, shoot for the moon, find the original delight, stomp on the terra firma, lay it down, pick it up, get in the groove and all that jazz!

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