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Are you looking to reach the vast and powerful audience of music makers and music lovers both in the USA and around the world?

Advertising on is effective and affordable and Muzlink offers you a wide audience of music lovers and music makers to present your company and its products to in a simple and non-confrontational manner that both groups appreciate.

Did you know that the number one searched-for word or term on the internet isn't 'sex', it's music!. We can imagine that this rurprises you. It surprised us!

Currently, when you run a search for the word 'music' using any search enging you get back huge amounts of information, most of which doesn't really tell you what you want to know. Muzlink has solved that problem by creating the quintessesntial organic music artist-only database,, which gets users the music-related information they want in just a few clicks. This creates a climate of trust between, it's users (muzers), and you, our advertisers. Our advertisers allow to remain a free service for both music lovers and music makers, and that's a great thing for advertisers as well, because everyone is feeling good when they get to what they want - fast and easy. Get in touch!

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Muzlink uses Google AdWords, where you can register and request postings of your ads specifically or exclusively on

Just go to:

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For 125x125 pixel non-motion, graphic ads on the 'Results' and 'Artist/Act' pages, contact Muzlink by eithier email contact form, fax, or snail mail.

to contact Advertising Sales.

Send us a fax letter to: (818) 995-6888 Attention: Display Ad Department.

Send us a letter by snail mail to:

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Although has just begun to grow, being launched in October of 2006, it's design and structure will easily reach the full array of music makers and music around the world. There are no impediments for music artists and acts with product for sale on the internet to join the proprietary database, thus creating the largest directory of musical information for music lovers of all ages and interests in the global marketplace.
We expect users to be both male and female adults between the ages of 13 and 100, spending an average of almost $1,000 a year or more for music online. Thus gives you, the advertiser, the perfect opportunity to reach every desirable and diverse demographic you can imagine.


As grows and expands, we will update our press coverage for all to see. As a advertiser, you will be featured in our press released and promotions.

Strategic partnerships:

If you are interested in becoming a strategic partner of either online and/or at sponsored events along with please feel free to contact us directly by wither email contact form, fax, or snail mail.

to email our promotions department.

Send us a Fax letter to: (818) 995-6888 Attention: Promotion Department.

Send us a letter by snail mail to:

Strategic partners
c/o Muzlink, LLC
P.O. BOX 261206
Encino, CA 91426-1206

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