Big Wayne Stockton, California, United States of America 

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Wayne Rinehart, AKA "Big Wayne", is a SF Bay Area native, He is a jazz vocalist and trumpeter. Big Wayne is an artist who writes and sing songs from his heart using the medium of music and at times with the stroke of a brush.

Big Wayne also provides producer and Band booking services with Big Wayne Productions.

Big Wayne is involved with many different projects from producing to recording. He can be seen performing with Highway 61 Blues Band where he plays Lead Trumpet and sings. Currently Wayne is also working on two solo albums, one Christian Jazz, the other, Acid Jazz. Both albums will feature original music. Big Wayne incorporates technology into his music by using effects with voice and trumpet, creating very unique sounds.

Wayne has played the trumpet ever since his father bought him a trumpet from a garage sale at the age of 3. Through the years, though picking up various other instruments, Wayne never lost sight of the trumpet as his favorite instrument. Wayne played trumpet all through grade school and on into Diablo Valley College, where he was under the tutelage of Jim Hodges. This was where he really grew musically, developing his voice and horn playing.

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