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Music Education & Performance major

Vocal arranger & vocal coach


So... this guy calls me,


Long story, short

In about 30 days, I'm gonna begin recording my next new cd project.

Only this time, We will take you into the whole process.

Admit it, we all love to the see the behind-the-scenes action of how something is done... almost in "Reality show" type fashion. I'll never forget going to a concert and seeing a great performance or performer and thinking... "HOW do they do that?!!"

Except, this time - we want to bring you along!

===> http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/Jesuguru

It's gonna be soOO crazy... sooo much fun keeping you up-to-date, tweeting, & posting videoclips.

So, click the link - and let us know you're on board with the whole idea.

BTW, My Mini-DV Cam is charging (ready) right now!! yoohoo... LOL


Let make this a fun ride!

God Bless U, My friend


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