Braxton Hicks A.K.A. R. H. Milnes Brooklyn, Kings, N.Y., United States of America 

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Braxton Hicks is an energetic and talented singer-songwriter whose music is a unique mixture of styles and sounds. You’ll hear shades of Broadway, New Orleans, Rock & Roll, American popular standards – and even classical music in his finely crafted pop tunes. The lyrics tell stories of love and deception, celebration and pain. In the songs you’ll find characters who “live for milk,” and dream-like imagery – “Tell your secrets to a hole in the ground”. At times, Hicks is a full throttle romantic – as in “The Minute I Met Her” and other times a burned lover reaching for a lost love- “Lie to Me”. His voice jumps out and pulls you in to the life of each song. Each track is sung with passion and experience, guts and tenderness.“Once in a Blue Room” is a powerful recording by a gifted artist. Give it a listen and you’ll find yourself listening again and again.

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