Tatiana Okupnik Lodz, Poland 

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The singing began with a birthday present for her mum. In Zbyszek Brzezinski's studio Tatiana recorded two songs. Then her father sent her to Elzbieta Adamiak's ''talent challenge'' audition. She was spotted there by Jaroslaw Grzelka who invited Tatiana to join his cabaret ''Chichot 2''. She took part in a few shows and one day she was discovered by Pawel Rurak-Sokal. That's how her way to the big stage started.

She's been singing with Blue Cafe for seven years. They released two records: ''Fanaberia'' and ''Demi-Sec'', both were platinum disc records.

In 2006 Tatiana chose her own path and started her solo project. The material for her new album was created in the USA. The music producer was Lenny White whom she met during Vena Festival in Lódz.

Lenny, a great American musician, cooperated with artists like Miles Davis, Chaka Khan, Dianne Reeves, Al Di Meola, Chick Corea, Marcus Miller and many others. On this album you will also find Nicki Richards, Chris Willis, Mike Harvey, Irene James and Keisha Williams who among others sang with Madonna, Mariah Carey, Anastacia, Jamiroquai, Luther Vandross, Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige or Seal.

The record is titled "On My Own". All the lyrics were written by Tatiana and Chris Williams, great vocalist and the music composed mainly by Lenny White and Cab. In the title piece Tatiana took up the challenge of composing the music on her own. The material gathered on the album is a mixture of modern pop, R&B and soul. It's divided into two parts: the first one is energetic while the second is more lyrical and calm. They are both connected by Tatiana's intriguing voice and modern arrangement

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