Roger Boykin Dallas, Dallas, Texas, United States of America 

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I perform in various styles and at various venues

in and around the Dallas,Texas area. I have been a member of the American Federation of Musicians for more than 50 years, joining while still in high school. I am a member or the music faculty at the famous Booker T. Washington High for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas. This is the school which educated such well-known artists as Norah Jones, Erykah Badu, and Roy Hargrove. I'm

host of the long-running radio show,"Just Jazz" on

radio station KKDA-AM in the Dallas area. I have

published several music method books and exercise books which are available on my website, I teach privately and do clinics and lectures at various schools. I have

toured with Isaac Hayes and David "Fathead" Newman, recording an album with Newman entitled,

"Front Money." Two of my original compositions appeared on "Front Money." One of my originals,

"Athene" appears on the Blue Mitchell album,"Step Lightly" on the Blue Note label. In 1986 the Dallas Symphony Orchestra performed one of my compositions,"Patience" in a concert called "Symphony in Black" sponsored by the Black Academy of Arts and Letters in Dallas. I have been a BMI writer and publisher for 40 years. My

originals are licensed through the Harry Fox Agency. Several of my old recordings on the Soultex label have been re-issued by Stones Throw

Records of Los Angeles, California.

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