Third Space New York, New York, United States of America 

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Aaron Rockers - trumpet

Matt Thomas - saxes

Kevin Moehringer - trombone

Morgan Price - saxes

Vinny Loccisano - keyboards

Kirk Schoenherr - guitar

Mark Karwan - bass

Jeremiah Fox - drums

"Third Space give the impression of dedicatedly walking (or weaving) the line between never fucking around, and only fucking around. These wry musical outcasts can play whatever complex absurdities they can dream up, but unlike most metal bands they don’t appear to take it too seriously. That means fun, unpredictable, and even occasionally spontaneous music."

Ross Edwards

Knocks From The Underground

Third Space was consummated in the basement of an industrial building in Buffalo, NY in the winter of 2002. The group culminated through late night jam sessions while most of us were attending music school at The University at Buffalo. The ensemble performed its debut for a university composition seminar. The following year the group became an accredited ensemble under the guidance of Dave Schiavone and Jon Nelson, while simultaneously serving as the core of Jon’s Genkin Philharmonic. From 2004 to 2006, Third Space migrated to New York City and adopted its current line-up. Third Space brings forth a convolution of ascetics in sound and concept through influences from progressive rock, free jazz, Western art music and ethnic styles. “…a product of translating, and in the process negotiating, two cultural norms and values. The old and the new are then negotiated and combined, mostly unconsciously, to produce a cultural norm that is unique. Henceforth, a third space is produced. This mixture, however, is not fixed, but performative: it is shifting, modified, and ever-changing." Awad El Karim M. Ibrahim
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