LeeAndrew Bray Adairsville, Bartow, Georgia, United States of America 

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Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce myself... My name is LeeAndrew Bray. I'm 25 years old, a U.S. Army Soldier, a musician and a songwriter. I am married to Amanda, the most wonderful woman in the world. I am the proud parent of two great children and I enjoy writing and playing music. I've played guitar for almost eleven years. I've played in numerous bands and different styles of music. I used to be a member of the Southern Limits Band and Babe's Bayou.

I've also played music with groups such as Catch Penny, Charlie Daniel's Band and members of Gretchen Wilson's band. Here’s my story… I was playing in rough old honky tonk bars, festivals, fairs and everywhere in between until one day I kind of just "woke up" so to speak and stopped partying and living a wilder life.

Those getting off at 3 a.m. mornings weren't cutting it too well..lol... You see, God put a calling on my life that I've always ran from...that is, until now. I'm recording my album so that the world will know what Jesus Christ has done for me and how my life has been changed. I can't change the world but I can try to help those who want to know the lord, one day at a time. I write all of my own music and seldom record songs written by others but I'm always open for something new and different. I was chosen as the Georgia Country and Gospel Music Association's 2005 "Songwriter of the Year', the "Horizon Award Winner" and the North American Country Music Association International's 2006 New Gospel Male Entertainer of the Year. Being enlisted in the Army, I've played music at Ft. Knox, Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri's Iowa Chapel, Balad, Iraq and all around Northwest Georgia.

I'm currently deployed overseas in Balad, Iraq. I am writing and preparing to finish my country debut album "Drive" whenever I return home in 2010. The album will be available in 2011 and will be a mixture of country, blues, pop, bluegrass, rock and Americana styles. I look forward to meeting new people and networking to further my career in the music business and to help others. Thanks for the opportunity and for lending me your ears and eyes!!!!

God bless,

-LeeAndrew Bray

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