Tysheka Gabrielle East Orange, Essex, New Jersey, United States of America 

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The sounds of our personal instruments…..The meaning of our existence…the cadence of our lives….the melodies of our hearts…..ALL REPRESENTED, ENVELOPED, MOLDED AND EMBODIED in a myriad of musical expressions. Music touches every area of our lives. IT GIVES US HOPE IN MOMENTS OF DESPAIR. Ecstasy in moments of passion, Victory in struggle, and Courage in conflict.Every so often, someone or something comes along that makes us sit up and pay attention. Something that touches us at a level deeper than routine….Something that holds value, and whispers to the soul with honesty and integrity. Pay close attention…This may be that something. My name is Tysheka Gabrielle, some people like to call me TG while others, like to call me Shek. Either way, I am introducing myself as Miss Tysheka Gabrielle

I am a female R and B and Hip Hop Artist hailing from East Orange, NJ. I have been writing and singing for over 15 years. I want to be able to, along with other great artists and musicians provide the music that we live by, love with, cry because of, laugh at, and sing along with. There are just those special voices, those great writers, amazing musicians, expert engineers, and those undeniably charismatic entertainers who reach into our souls and make us sit up and take notice. Will you take notice? That’s the magic of music---it knows no boundaries---it Erases all boundaries--

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