BiBz Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States of America 

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Andre Kamali Hines, better known as B.I.B.Z, left his native country of Jamaica alongside his mother to pursue the American dream. At a young age, he learned that music was the universal language of life and therefore should be the soundtrack. In a recent interview he stated, "Music should be made to uplift the people in their time of need, showing them that someone is listening and working on their behalf." Using the Hip-Hop platform, B.I.B.Z has created beautiful music broadcasting the everyday struggle of ordinary people. In an age of Hip-Hop where artists exaggerate the truth or just "flat out" lie about the things they have accomplished, B.I.B.Z stays true to the art and creates music so that everyone can be a part of the movement.

Currently B.I.B.Z is working on his first solo project entitled "Internationally Certified." He is excited about the release because, it will bring people together, nation to nation with its universal themes and concepts. Challenging as it may seem, B.I.B.Z believes in the people, that they are hungry for change, and that they want it now. The first single was released for airplay entitled "Skip to Romance." This song has a melodic regimen that is sure to have you dancing and having a good time.

B.I.B.Z has a healthy track record behind him. With wonderful songs like, "catch my breath" "on the line", "lonely people", "how we do" and many others, he solidified himself as an unstoppable force within the music industry. "Although we are in a recession, life lessons through music should never take a back seat" he explains, "for far too long the record companies have oppressed the people with 'cookie cutter' music that do not represent them" and Real Lyfe Inc. is here to be the model for the future.

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