Terrance Nobles orlando, fl, United States of America 

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Born in Tallahassee, Fl and raised in Orlando,Fl. Terrance Nobles has every element needed to be the next break out star! His passion and love for music trails back to his tender age of five years old, when he didn't even know what music was. His mother and father (both music educators) showed him the ropes as he began to get older, and it didn't take long for Terrance to catch on.He started performing in every event he could to get exposure and developed a strong stage presence after many trial and errors. However, he didn't go after music professionally until after high school. "I started out recording in small home studios just to get the feel for things and learn the process of recording." Terrance says, but that ambition, led to him become one the most locally recognized R&B singers in his hometown (Orlando,FL). He has since then featured with many local artists, and has had the opportunity to work with a few major acts. He is currently using all of his talents (singing/songwriting/producing/engineering) all to his advantage. He creates all of his songs on his own from the click of the metronome to the completed song." I have been blessed tremendously to be able to have all these talent and use them efficiently." Terrance hopes to one day captivate thousands even millions of people worldwide with his beautifully arranged songs, and unforgettable hooks. It won't be long before Terrance Nobles is recognized amongst the greats. Be sure to Check out his music and invite yourself into his world as he takes you on an unforgettable emotional experience like no other. His music will make you laugh, reminisce, get excited and more, but overall Terrance Nobles just wants you to feel the joy he felt when he created his music. That is the mission, and for that mission to be complete all you have to do is sit back,listen and love!

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