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wuz up world my name is goobs i was born tony houck dec 13,1980 from rose m.houck all my life i grind hard to make it in life while everybody else had it easy while niggaz go to their parents and ask for money i had to bum,pump gas and panhandle just to get money for myself so i wont go hungry in tha streets while niggaz out coppin the fresh gear i was wearin hand me downs and payless shoe so years went by and i started getting in to trouble with tha law every two weeks i was in and out of jail because they dont want to see a dude like me make it so i told myself that when i get out i wasnt goin back so now im out workin on my music even though i been off for a minute due to money problems im back now with it hittin tha seen harder than ever with the showcase 80 by j green moneytalkz the showcase 89 by dj kaze the showcase 90 by dj smoke pennies for your thoughts vol 1,welcome to my world,life of the party,the dmv:drugs,money and violence mixtape and my most resent under surveilence pt1 thanks to coast2coast for giving me my slots on mixtapes ive been buzzin on the net but their is more to come from your boy here so stay tuned in

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