BRYAN E. TRIBBLE Sand Springs, USA, Oklahoma, United States of America 

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Bryan E. Tribble

A Cherokee descendent

(July 11th, 1967) is an American country and western musician, songwriter and vocalist from Sand Springs, Oklahoma. Tribble best known for his electric lead guitar playing skills is also a highly proficient acoustic guitar and piano player. Tribble first meet his manager Joe Hupp of “Joe Hupp Enterprise” in 1997, With Joe experience in the music industry Joe started to mentor Bryan on improving his music and song writing skills. Bryan established an indie label called Dark Skies Records and assisted new talent in the music industry. Taylor Swift called Dark Skies Records spoke with Bryan, and as Bryan listen to her demo. Bryan assisted Taylor by directing her to contact Brian Wright at MCA Records and the rest is history. Tribble has helped others to enter into the music industry but the talent that Taylor Swift displayed that day will always be Bryan motivation towards helping others. Bryan has produced many people as well as managed a few .

Early life

Tribble was born Bryan Edward Tribble at Saint John Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was the first child of Glen Tribble and Sharon Tribble. When Bryan was still very young, his father played with country band “the Midnighter’s” on the John Chick show in the 70’s. Bryan was 12 when he pick up his father 1940 D 28 Martin guitar and was hook on the beautiful sound of music ever since. Tribble grew up in Sand Springs, Oklahoma and sang often at church. He dreamed of being in a band and got his wishes when, at 10, his younger brother Keith a drummer and guitarist and Bryan started the southern country band “Stagecoach”. The Tribble brothers were very talented and Keith also took up drums during this time. Bryan attended Charles Page High School when he wrote his first song “Going Crazy on the Bottle”. 1987 and has wrote around 300 songs in his volume . now days

Early career

Bryan Tribble

In 2002, Bryan Tribble songwriting skills lead him to sign agreements with Sugar land, Shar Baby, and others for his songs. He is a member of NSAI (The Nashville Songwriters Association International) all his songs are license under BMI. Bryan talent begins when his father and mother started a songwriters club the Country Songwriters of Oklahoma. ( C-S-O)

Solo career

Solo success

Bryan played Kids Fest 1998 were A very young 13 year old CARIE UNDERWOOD would open up for him now she is a very powerfully great singer we all know now . Bryan played many fundraiser even

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