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Are you a music artist or act selling your music product (CDs, downloads) on the internet?

Are you a record company, music publisher, or other rights-holder selling music products on the internet?

Are you a songwriter, musician, singer, producer, engineer, photographer or graphic artist who has contributed to music product for sale on the internet?

If your answer is 'YES!' to any of these questions then you know the problem with selling music product on the internet, and you are eligible to become a member of the artist community.

Through iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and other websites you have already have distribution for the music products you are attempting to sell on the internet. However, because there is no effective marketing or promotion site on the internet, your sales are not what they could be. is now available to market and promote your music products for FREE on the internet. is a company founded and run by artists for the benefit of music makers and music lovers. The revenue necessary to operate a site of this depth and dimension will be provided by unobtrusive sponsored ads so that music makers and music lovers will have an unencumbered opportunity to discover and experience each other on the internet, on their own terms.

How do i join to promote my artistry?

All you have to do to be part of the artist community is have music product with a barcode for sale on the Internet and belong to one of the many music related organizations around the world that are partnering with To promote the careers of their members (music makers) to the global world of music lovers, our partner organizations will be making available to their members the necessary access ID's and Passwords to join

If you belong to one of the following organizations:

BMI, NSAI, Folk Alliance, Roots Music Association etc...

...and you have a UPC Barcode on one or more of the musical products you are associated with proceed to our artist entry site. Some of the information you will be asked for includes: up to 3 graphic images, one 30 second mp3 audio file, a short summary of your act to appear on the results page, a longer description for your artist's page and a valid UPC barcode.

If you do not have a UPC barcode on any of your products then you may easily obtain one by registering with CDBaby to distribute your CDs online. Then CDBaby will sell you, for a nominal fee, a barcode which you can use for your CD, thus qualifying and enabling you to join's artist community!

If you do not belong to one of these organizations we encourage you to join any one of them, which best suits your needs as an artist. When you have joined any one of these organizations, ask and they will give you the proper access codes to log in and join If you are a rights holder you already belong to one or more of these organizations.

Muzlink, LLC and are not affiliated with or in any way associated with CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon or any other company or organization mentioned in this document. They are offered here merely as a reference point and starting place for getting your music off the sofa, into the studio, onto the stage and out to the world. is dedicated to getting your music heard around the world.

Muzlink is currently in the process of forming relationships with any and all music artist organizations around the globe. If the organization(s) that you belong to are not currently signed on as Muzlink partners, contact them and request that they sign up with


If you are not clear about the process and are interested in becoming a member of's Artist/Act community, or have any other questions, feel free to contact us in any of the following ways:

for our Artist Promote Questions email contact form.

Send us a fax letter to: (818) 995-6888 Attention: Artist Promote Questions Dept.

Send us a letter by snail mail to:

Artist Promote Questions
c/o Muzlink, LLC
P.O. BOX 261206
Encino, CA 91426-1206

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